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1.LOW noises,NO slippage 2.HIGH transmission power 3.Wear Out Resistance 4. No need to main

Timing belt:

1-We can produce belts as your supplied sample. 2.We can produce particular type of function belts as clien

Timing belt is composed of a closed round rubber with teeth and attached belt or pulley. When working, teeth and through is harmany. One movement will cause transmission of teeth, chain and belt.

 our timing belt's advantage are anti-wearing out, small elongation rate and strong, also, it is anti-oil, anti-heat, anti-ageing, anti-ozone.

Now we have over 30 kinds timing belt with more than 1000 specification. Bes-ides, we are also able to produce attached belt and pulley to satisfy clients' request. To ensure good quality of synchronous belt, the main raw material(such as keleton, rubber) are all imported from advanced countries's specialized company. Our prod-ucts' function has now beyond international standard & national standard.

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